Friday, February 10, 2012

My Big day in 2012

So yesterday was a big day. In the morning, I took 5 steps to hand daddy the remote control. He took a video and sent it to mom while she was at work. This is officially called walking. I tried not to walk all day so I could show mommy. When she got home, I surprised her and walked the entire length of the living room!

Also, I ate the same food as mommy and daddy for dinner. We had sushi rice with seaweed and sesame seeds, baked salmon and steamed broccoli. I also finished the meal with my first ever glass of cow's milk! It was so yummy! Mom fed me the salmon from a spoon, while I fed myself the rice with my fingers. I also gave some to Bowie who was sitting right under me. She hates wasting food.

So walking and eating solid food today. Next up....talking!

Meme also sent me a care package yesterday. I got a new outfit, some socks, and mom and dad got chocolate turtles and their own sippy cups! Here's a photo of me in my jeans, thermal heart shirt and turquoise vest. Meme is the best!

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