Friday, December 30, 2011

My sweet AB

My AB (Aunt Betsy) is so sweet. Even though we could not spend Christmas with her in New Orleans, she still sent a box full of goodies to our house. I got a Le Petit Prince pop up book (The Little Prince- for those of you who don't speak French) and a designer sweater and skirt that can be worn multiple ways. Mom and dad got monogrammed stationary by a local New Orleans artist, monogrammed mugs, French soaps and an international transit guide book (perfect because we love to travel so much and we love public transportation too). Mom also got a beautiful orange ostrich clutch by Rebecca Minkoff. Here is a photo of me in my new outfit, it's a little big but I heard that's how Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen like to wear their clothes too :) Also a photo of dad wearing my skirt as a hat! My AB always picks out the best things and has so much style (She writes a fashion blog called Sass and Seersucker) It's a never ending Christmas! Thanks AB!

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  1. Bella, you are so sweet! Of course I sent you presents for Christmas... your AB loves you!!