Monday, February 27, 2012

I made it 1 year!

So yesterday was officially my first birthday! I had so much fun. Mom and dad took me to the Bronx Zoo where my nanny Kym and manny Carsten both came to meet us for the day. Kym's friend Matt and Carsten's girlfriend Ijfke came too! We saw giraffes, bears, tigers, leopards, lots of birds, snakes, a crocodile and monkeys! Mom got me a super soft polar bear at the gift shop. I also received a wooden chair with painted animals, a teddy that plays peek-a-boo, and a blue dress and new tights from Meme. Our neighbors gave me another super soft pink teddy. Three bears in all! Aunt Jenn and Asian Grandma also have gifts in the mail. Mom baked me a lovely strawberry cake with fresh strawberries and cream cheese icing. Dad wanted me to destroy it for fun but I didn't really feel like getting my fingers dirty. Haha, maybe next year :)

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