Saturday, January 7, 2012

Neighborhood shopping

Dad took us to Long Island to check out a few towns to see if we would want to live there. We drove by a few houses for sale too. Here is a photo of us having lunch at a pizza parlor in Glen Cove.

Learning time, play time

So, I have pretty much claimed the living room as my personal play room. There are 4 toy boxes, my ferris wheel, my walker and my tummy time blankets. Mom put the sofa pillows everywhere to cushion the hard surfaces and to block me from crawling behind the chairs. Dad put the carpet down so the floor is softer now too. There is a gate to the room, so I can't go to the dining room or kitchen whenever I want. But I like it in here anyway. I like to take naps in my rocker in front of the TV. And if course this is where I watch my favorite show Super Why and my Learn to Read DVDs. Here's a photo of me already reading and one of me watching my show!