Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grandma's 4th of July Weekend

Boy, has it been an event filled weekend. We did sooo much these past four days because grandma came to visit. She flew in all the way from New Orleans and stayed from Thursday night to Tuesday night. Actually, we just dropped her off at the airport! I miss her already because she was always hugging me and kissing me and telling my how much she loves me. She also loved giving me baths, so I got to have bathtub playtime like twice a day. Grandma's the best!

On Friday, we went on an adventure to Chinatown and Soho. We took the train to the city, which was really cool. That picture above is on the train, of me and bà ngoại -- that's how you say grandma in Vietnamese... bà ngoại has been talking to me for the past four days in Vietnamese. I'm gonna be a bilingual baby! We ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant, where they had yummy different types of noodle soups. Mom and bà ngoại both got wontons in their soup and Aunt Betsy got duck. YUM! Then we walked around Soho and looked at the shops. By the end of the day, we were all sooo worn out.

But that was nothing compared to how worn out we were after our trip to the New York Botanical Garden on Saturday! We spent the entire day walking around looking at pretty flowers and plants. The place was huge! There were different areas with different types of forests and plants from different places. 

That's mom and I inside the plant conservatory building. Inside, they divided the building into a walking tour of different plant environments. We walked from the rain forest to the desert, it sure was weird. One second it was really humid, and the next it was hot and dry! 

Like I said, it was such a long day, sometimes mom had to put me in the stroller to take a quick nap. But I saw tons of cool flowers and plants from different parts of the world. Maybe I will have a green thumb like dad and be able to have my own garden one day.

Sunday, we ate dim sum, and then mom, bà ngoại, and aunt Betsy went to a Beatles tribute Broadway show. I spent the day with Dad and we walked around Times Square. I'm a real New York baby! The next day was Fourth of July, so we all went to our friends' Ann and Jose's BBQ. Everyone was super nice and talked to me a lot, so I made some really great friends. They made lots of yummy and healthy foods like salmon kabobs with asparagus and bell pepper, Korean style chicken, grilled mushrooms, and guacamole. Mom and Dad made vegan 7 layer dip for the party, and it was a huge hit.

 After the party, we went down to the Hudson River to see the Macy's fireworks show. It was really cool! There were so many different colors and shapes in the sky, and we managed to get a really good spot even with all the people around. It was my very first time seeing fireworks, and they were larger than life.

That me with bà ngoại right before we had to drive her to the airport. She was really sad to go because of all the adventures we had, but I'm sure I will see her soon. Now that she's gone though, I guess the fun is over! Back to the daily grind.... boy it sure is tough to be a baby.